Todoist vs. TickTick

To-do list showdown!

I’ve been using Todoist for several months and am really starting to develop and trust my system with it. However, I had recently been hearing a lot of hub-bub about TickTick and decided to take a look at their offering and compare it with Todoist. I didn’t pick a “winner”, I merely compared offerings in several categories and then gave a few pros and cons of each. I compared the premium offerings of both primarily in the web version but also on my Android phone (running Android O); this offered the best oranges-to-oranges comparison. My goal was to give people the tools to decide which of these two tools best meets their needs or fits with their process. If you don’t plan to pay for either premium version, I suggest you continue reading, decide which features are most important to you, and then compare the free versions of both (here and here). Without further ado …