COVID-19 diary – week 26

Putting my random, rabid thoughts down on “paper” for the world to see while we all have this shared pandemic experience.

One of my pet peeves is pickup trucks that back into the parking spot and hang over half the sidewalk. Ugh. In fact, cars that back in period. There are some times when it’s convenient to back in, but overall it’s just a pain. I was almost hit twice this week by people pulling straight out of a parking spot at a store that they backed into. They can’t see around the SUV or minivan that parked normally, so they just pull out regardless of traffic. And of course our vehicles come with backup lights to warn other drivers … but headlights don’t necessarily function the same way. Plus I’ve got to sit and wait for some idiot to take a half hour backing into their spot in the first place. Ugh.

Another pet peeve is dirty dishes left overnight. I mean, we’ve all done it … I do from time to time if I’m just too tired. But lately there have been a LOT of them left in our sink in the morning. I wake up and end up being the one to take care of other people’s dishes. Not a huge deal at all, but I had a little hissy fit one morning. It reminded me of a huge blow-up my dad and I had once when I was in high school. I left the utensil drawer open before I left the house. He grounded me for a week over that. At the time it was just another issue in a long line of headbutts between us. Now I see how he had just crossed his threshold of tolerance for all the little things I would “forget” to do. After reflecting on that, I backed down a little and tried to have an appropriate response so that hopefully it becomes a “teachable moment”. All this just to say I got mad and then realized I didn’t want to act like my dad did at me because I didn’t learn anything from it.

I came to the realization that there are two types of people in this country. You either love trump or you hate trump. There’s nobody in the middle anymore. You’re just not going to convince anybody to change their minds. Social media has turned into each group yelling about how wrong and stupid they are. I’m just about ready to completely sign off Facebook until after the election results are validated and in. I don’t know what’s holding me back from just doing it already. I mean, I get to catch up on the pictures I want to see from friends on Instagram anyway. Creature of habit, I guess.

Nothing new on the job front. Still waiting for contract hiccups to iron themselves out. Still doing busy work. Still “on hold” … sort of like I’ve been for the last two years on my previous contract. This break has given me an opportunity to think about what I want to be when I grow up though. I’m still pondering, but do remember that I love learning new skills and tackling new professional challenges. So I’m (finally) scheduling a PMP bootcamp to try to add another certification.

I had the opportunity to feel somewhat normal this past weekend as we attended the wedding of a close friend’s daughter. We’ve known her since she was in 4th or 5th grade and it was wonderful to watch her get married. The celebration was beautiful and well protected (her mother is an epidemiologist … and was on TOP of things!). It reminded me that life goes on and that we will get through this. It filled me with warm fuzzies and I’m trying to make those last …

So that’s it. Stay safe; we’re at 194,000 deaths in the US right now. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Hope to see you all soon.


  1. Your diary has made me realize I need to let FB go for a while–maybe forever. Michael loves to read it every morning, so I’m sure he’ll show me some; but I’ll try to refrain from sharing posts. I know I won’t be perfect, because sometimes I feel like I’ll explode unless I say something.

    With so many unknowns and so many scary, creepy things going on, this is a hugely trying time for everyone; and it goes on and on. We all need to work harder at being even better to our families (although beating the children periodically can be a huge stress reliever–only kidding–kinda.)

    Love you, Pip.

  2. I quit Facebook a long time ago. It’s isolating if you’re too lazy to maintain connections other ways. I have a LOT fewer friends but I think I hate people a little less too so there’s that. Good luck.

    • So true! All I really care about is how people are doing and what they’re doing in life … for the moment, Instagram serves that purpose for most of the people I want to catch up with anyway. Now if I could just find a platform that wasn’t owned by Facebook. 🙂

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