COVID-19 diary – week 24

Blurbs from my mind while coping with novel coronavirus and written down in one spot.

I saw a post that really resonated with me on Facebook from a friend of mine from High School. His original post was a meme/graphic about how Trump’s rise has damaged his faith in his fellow Americans. Then a more conservative friend commented and there was, of course, a back-and-forth among several people. My friend who originally posted the graphic left the following comment directed at the more conservative friend and it perfectly summed up how I’ve felt about my conservative friends (note: all the words are his and in this order, but I’ve pulled the portions out for space and succinctness):

“I know you to be intelligent. I know you to be kind. Yet I can’t conceive of how you don’t see the slimy charlatan in the oval office. He speaks like a ten-year-old on a sugar high. He is constantly caught in gross exaggerations and lies. He has taken nepotism to a new extreme. He is creating executive powers that don’t exist. I can’t reconcile what I know about you with what I perceive in this President. I can’t understand if you choose to not see it or if you are somehow blind to it. I know you aren’t dumb. I know you aren’t without morals. And because I don’t understand how you can support him, I can’t trust you. I have no faith in the choices you make, in the things you want for this country. It’s not your politics. It’s you. I have lost faith in you, because you support a corrupt, narcissistic, liar as your leader. That is what makes me question YOUR morality. I wish we could disagree on something a trivial as politics, but we actually disagree on something as fundamental as: what a good person is.”

There was another post from another friend of mine from High School, a more conservative friend, who posted a question that struck me as odd. She noted in her question “we can’t use conservative commentators on mainstream television”. This idea pushed by conservatives is that “mainstream media” is only for liberals. Therefore liberal = mainstream. Conservative being the antonym for liberal, I can only assume using the antonym for mainstream is what conservatives want … abnormal, eccentric, irregular, or unusual.

I’m sick of those in power pitting us all against each other. It’s about power. The only reason any of our elected officials (or powerful CEOs) have any power is because we, the people, give it to them. It’s easier to keep the power we’ve given them if they keep us fighting against each other. Remember that. You really do have a lot in common with the people they want you to hate.

Anyway, enough of that bullshit. I spent most of my week still doing “busy work” for work. I’m between contracts right now while the company irons out some other contract issues. It’s nice having no real pressure at work … but it’s also kind of a pain being ready for something to happen any day now.

Consequence of the light workload is that I’ve been doing a lot more cooking around the house. I made homemade carnitas last weekend, cookies, french toast, strawberry cobbler, and just been enjoying it.

My delicious carnitas

I’ve also managed to finish five books this month! I just finished “The Road to Little Dribbling” yesterday. I mean, to be fair I started the first book in July, but finished it in August. Still, it’s been very nice digging into so many books for the past couple years. This was book 29 this year. Still room to improve, but I’m a constant work in progress.

The remnants of hurricane Laura blew through on Saturday. Some thunderstorms Friday night and then rain most of Saturday morning. Nothing bad for us. I hope everybody else in the wake of the storm made through okay!

That’s all I’ve got going on in my head. Sorry I laid it on so heavy up front. Go wash your hands and forget about it. Oh, and wear that mask when you go out. And for the love of all that is good, keep your distance from people!

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  1. Your friend’s comment hit the nail on the head. Very well done, and exactly how we feel. Thank you for sharing that, Pip.

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