COVID-19 diary – week 18

My sporadic, periodic, and traumatic pieces of brain bytes that I’ve managed to scrabble down somewhere for science to dissect after I’m long gone. SCIENCE!

Yeah yeah yeah, I skipped a week. So sue me. I was busy NOT paying attention to the world last weekend when I usually post these.

It makes me angry to watch the debate about schools re-opening in the Fall. I’ll throw in my opinion here, since this is MY blog. I’m utterly flabbergasted that ANYBODY wants schools to open in the fall. There is simply too much going on with COVID-19, too many unanswered questions, and too many safety risks for children and teachers/staff. My wife is a third grade teacher, and to date there has been little to no consideration for the safety of the adults (mostly the teachers) in our county schools. They plan to take childrens’ temperatures only if kids aren’t wearing masks. And worse, rely on the honor system for parents to keep children home if kids present symptoms. Countless times my wife has had to send a child home because they had a fever in the afternoon only to find out the child had one in the morning but the parents gave them ibuprofen to cover it up. That kind of BS exposes the entire class to whatever ailment they had … it only takes ONE COVID-19 positive child to infect many and potentially cause a death. Totally flabbergasted that people think that’s OK.

It makes me angry to think there are people who won’t wear a mask. It’s not even a health thing. They seem to be doing it on principle. Idiots.

It makes me angry to think that my company lost our current contract to a company that has a very close connection to one of the government folks. Nothing can be proven, of course, but I will say that when we protested this company winning last year, the IG supported our claim and reimbursed our attorney’s fees. Apparently, that was nothing more than a hand slap to the government folks choosing the winner of the contract, because they still went with the previous winner. SIGH

The world is making me angry right now, if it’s not apparent. I’m doing my best to try to take it all in stride. Stay off the internet. Meditate. Do some yoga. Drink heavily. Remind myself that everything is temporary. But it’s so hard sometimes. So so hard. Why do people have to be mean, selfish, and assholes to other people? Why?

The only think helping me keep my sanity right now is my family. My wife, kids, and dogs are everything. They make me laugh and keep me smiling. Plus, a good puppy belly rub never hurt anybody.

The wife did take me out two weekends ago for a quick day-escape. We went to pick up coffee from my favorite coffee shop. We went into a bookstore in DC (which had great social distancing and safety measures in place). And we picked up dinner at a seafood restaurant in Old Town. Exactly what I needed to avoid the real world for a little bit.

Based on my changing job status and the rising COVID cases/deaths in the country, we decided to postpone a trip out west to visit our family in Colorado. Sucks so hard because it’s been too long since we’ve seen them and I was looking forward to a little break. But this too shall pass.

Since we can’t travel, the wife needed a project … so now our bedroom was re-painted this weekend. We’ll update a few things here and there; some new furniture, some new hardware. If we can’t go out, we might as well enjoy the in!

That’s it. Nothing more. I’ve drained my soul and laid bare my quivering heart. Wear your dang masks, keep your distance, wash your hands, stay home. Why does America have to be #1 in COVID cases?!


  1. You’ve said everything that was in my weary brain. I agree with every single last word.

  2. Keep being the good TeeJay. We’re also #1 in “Giant Assholes”. I’m willing to be our counties combined account for close to 50% of the giant assholes in this country. I don’t get it. 3 months ago, we were “all in this together”. now you’re “with us or against us”. i love my country…i just hate the people in it (except the 2-5-0).

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