COVID-19 Diary – week 16

If you don’t know what I’m doing here or why I’m doing this by now … where have you been? Seriously though, it’s just shit I’ve thought about this week while going through this whole pandemic thing.

A three-day work week followed by a four-day work week makes going back to a five-day work week very difficult.

We watched Hamilton on Disney+ on the July 3rd (the day it was released). It was amazeballs. I’ve discovered there are two types of people: you either can’t wait to see Hamilton and/or loved every second of it, or you don’t want anything to do with it. I suppose I’m mostly in the first camp.

Four months. That’s how long ago I started keeping track of my weekly thoughts. Four months. And then to see that the numbers are going back up again … rage.

Lots of outdoor time this past week. We visited Theodore Roosevelt Island and did a walk around the outer trail. We visited Burke Lake park and walked a couple miles of that track. We went on lots of long walks with the dogs throughout the neighborhood too. As I get older, I really appreciate the outdoor time more than I did when I was younger. I just wish it wasn’t so HUMID here. Blech.

We have dog backpacks for the pups, so we CAN go on longer walks and then carry them when they tire out. The puppy (about 8 months old currently) can’t go as far and loves riding in the backpack. The older one (about a year and three months) wants to keep walking with us.

Still trying to social distance from social media. It’s certainly less stressful when I’m not scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. I’m trying to only check FB in the evening … but end up checking twice some days. Twitter I don’t have as much difficulty with because more of the people I actually know are on FB.

I feel like every day is on repeat now. Like a more boring version of Groundhog Day. But also the weeks feel like that. I’ll go grocery shopping and feel like I just went. Looking forward to a time when I can do something more “normal” … but that ain’t happening soon (thanks “mask deniers”).

Speaking of masks, I’m looking for some fun face masks to buy. I have one that’s served me well, but is starting to get long in the tooth. Time to have a couple alternatives on hand. Anybody have any good suggestions?

I guess that’s it. Stay safe, wash your hands, keep distance, and WEAR YOUR GOD DAMNED MASK! Why the hell is that even a thing? You don’t question seat belts! Wait … maybe you do. Oh jeez …


  1. Wasn’t going to tell you this, but we are in the second camp.

    We do feel the same as you when it comes to every day feeling like the day before. It’s hard to keep track of what day of the week it is. It’s going to be a while, so start thinking of other SAFE things you can do to alleviate boredom. Walks to different areas seem to work somewhat for us. We had a FaceTime COVID Happy Hour with friends last night that was very satisfying. No housework, no cooking, no cleaning required–just a glass of wine and our iPad.

    If you don’t brush your dogs’ teeth, you know the vet will want to anesthetize them and clean their teeth once a year. Our vet recommended “Maxi/Guard Oral Cleansing Wipes that we use on our cats. We bought them on Amazon. When our cat was teeny tiny, her foster mother (a nurse) would play with a toothbrush with her. She still loves chewing on toothbrushes today thanks to that woman and has saved us bunches of money at the vet as a result.

    Are you still doing puzzles and playing games? Have you played that one I sent you?

    Be careful. I worry about you four every day.

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