COVID-19 Diary – week 14

Posting stuff I think about or that happens to me every week of this pandemic. Lucky you, you stumbled across this post and will never regret it.

I was raised an Air Force brat and went to a lot of schools all over the country (and several in Germany). I had never learned about Juneteenth until recently. I’m glad more attention is being paid to the struggles of people of color. I really want this momentum to continue. I’m saddened by the people who feel the need to belittle the movement.

I’m bewildered by the people who are upset by some of the changes to products being made. I mean, changing the name of Aunt Jemima doesn’t impact anybody’s life one bit. But it does show some empathy and understanding on the part of the company … even if it’s just publicity driven (we are a capitalist society after all). I wish people would stop looking for something to be upset about and start educating themselves on why these changes are being made.

It also blows my mind to see white “friends” of mine spending so much of their time trying to belittle any black movement, trying to de-legitimize Black Lives Matter, trying to use the “all colors/lives matter” argument, or trying to use the “erasing history” argument regarding tearing down racist idols/statues. Why?! How and why does it hurt them so bad?! Unless … they feel it’s a direct attack upon their beliefs. In which case, it might be a direct attack on their beliefs. In which case, I don’t need to be their friend anymore.

We were supposed to go down to South Carolina this weekend to visit my dad, his girlfriend, and my aunt. We decided this week not to go because South Carolina was having a spike. I read that Thursday was their record high new cases … so I know we made the right decision. But I still miss seeing my family and was looking forward to a trip and some time away.

We had a lightning strike in the trees near our house. There’s a long strip of bark that was ripped off all the way down the side of the tree. The HOA will have it inspected, but hopefully not a “kill shot”. The blue car in the photo below is my wife’s regular parking spot. Thankfully no damage done either.

Strip of bark shocked off by lightning strike

The crazy weather also fried our internet. Apparently a power surge killed the ONT (network box that connects to the house). The tech replaced it, but we were without internet for a whole day!

I finished reading “Eye of the World“. Holy cow that was a good book. It took me about three weeks and was quite a monster. Apparently it’s being developed as a TV show; exciting. It’s also a 14 volume series, so I’m looking forward to picking up the next one and an upcoming TV show!

I had a wonderful Father’s Day. My family spoiled me with relaxation time, video game time, junk food, and a movie day (my choice of movies). It was wonderful and I’m a very lucky person to have such a wonderful family.

I can’t think of anything else to write about right now. Just remember to be nice to your fellow humans. When you’re getting ready to complain about something on social media, take a second look and decide if it actually helps anything or anybody. Don’t just gripe about stuff for the sake of griping. And of course, wash your hands, keep your distance, WEAR YOUR MASK, and stay safe out there folks.

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  1. I loved this post. You brought up things we’ve been talking about recently, like white privilege. It’s not something we ever thought about until recently. To us, one person is the same as the next. I may have red hair, you may have brown skin…it’s what makes us all individuals. The Declaration of Independence says “All men are created equal”. What’s very sad is that so many Americans don’t believe that to be true. Michael and I were talking about how black families have to teach their children to be very careful around the police. We never had to even think about a special conversation with you on how to act around the police. So many heartbreaking things going on. I only hope Joe Biden will be able to resolve some of these problems. Poor guy. I wouldn’t want that job.

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