COVID-19 Diary – week 6

Diarrhea of the mouth at this point. Does anybody really care what I think throughout all this?

The kids, the wife, the dogs, and I all went for a walk through Four Mile Run in Arlington this weekend. It felt nice to have some normalcy. Plenty of room for social-distancing. Beautiful weather. Fresh air filtered through our masks. It was a welcomed break.

Four Mile Run

I bought a new fountain pen and new shimmering ink that really brightened my week too. Strange that something like a pen can excite me.

Lots of work this week. Lots. Too much, actually. I worked quite a bit over the weekend too. Must not do that this week.

I’ve been taking advantage of our Google Play Music subscription and the Google Home speaker in the kitchen. Try “hey Google, play ‘Smile, by Nat King Cole’.” We’ve really enjoyed the related playlist Google creates for us. All oldies which have brought a strange sense of comfort.

Seriously flabbergasted at the comments from and behavior of our President this week. I don’t agree with most of the things he says on a normal day, but was especially embarrassed at the rantings during official press conferences. It was more like listening to your grumpy old grandfather at a family dinner.

Curious how this whole “easing of restrictions” is going to play out. My governor is a former doctor and sounds like he has a decent, well-thought out plan. Disheartening to think this is still going to be a while, but better in the long run.

It started raining yesterday. It’s supposed to rain ALL week here. My sinuses are already pitching a fit. Not looking forward to that.

The wife missed there not being an “Independent Bookstore Day” this weekend. So she made up for it by buying a bunch of books from her favorite indies online.

Meanwhile I researched a new iPad. I don’t need one (and probably won’t buy one), but it was fun reviewing the different specs, searching for the best price, and determining which I would buy if I did. Gave me a good way to avoid more work.

I also played more Animal Crossing this week. You guys, have you played the Stalk Market?! I bought like 5000 turnips last week for about 100 bells each (spent about 500k bells) and then found somebody’s island online where they were buying for 633 bells. I made millions! Paid off my (in-game) house loan and was able to build two room additions. woot!

Final thought. I’ve gotten super tired of Facebook and have only been checking my notifications at night. I barely check Twitter anymore. If you have a presence somewhere else online besides there, please shoot me a message or leave a comment here with the link. I really want to keep up with the folks I’ve kept up with … but those platforms drive me absolutely bonkers.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Wash your hands. Don’t drink disinfectant. See you soon (hopefully).


    • I’ll still post to Instagram, which posts to FB. You’re good.

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