• Truckload of wood was delivered
  • I need to learn to say “no” more often
  • Roasted garlic potatoes with dinner


  1. Where did you put it—backyard? We got a truckload years ago and still have a lot. Maybe you could sell small amounts in your neighborhood via your association website. You’d have to research how much wood at what cost.

    • Yes, stored along the side fence. I’ll see how fast we go through it before we get rid of any. It was only a half trailer full, but looks like a lot more as it’s being dumped.

  2. Yes, you may use more of it than we do. We have a gas fireplace now, but we do use fireplace logs and our wood at the cabin. We’re going down there on Tuesday and returning on Saturday. Hope we don’t encounter any problems. We are both looking forward to just going somewhere.

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