• Fresh sourdough from Wegmans is quite tasty
  • This juice does NOT taste like cherries or pie
  • Sporting my new mask


  1. Cherry pie is one of my favorite Pinot noirs. There are two, however, that look alike. The one I drink is about $15/bottle. There’s another that looks almost exactly like this that was &40+ at Costco the last time I was there. I’ve also seen it at Total Wine for $29 approximately. I prefer the $15 bottle. Did you like it?

    • This is the Costco bottle (I think it was $30). You introduced us to this brand and it’s a favorite in the house! I’m not a huge red wine drinker, so I only have a few sips. But it’s very smooth and tasty.

      • Google your local Total Wine and see if they have the $14/$15 bottle. I like it even better.

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