COVID-19 Diary – week 8

Insight into the things that pop into my head during self-isolation. Bits of things about my week. And maybe even a photo to boot!

So many thoughts of my past travel have popped into my head lately. Not generic things like “oh, I miss going to New York.” But specific things like the Italian food place we had lunch at across from the Tower of London last summer. The wanderlust is hitting hard this week.

I took a mental day on Friday and quit work early. The wife and I didn’t get much done, just ran a couple errands and took care of stuff around the house; but it was still nice to do that and spend the day with her.

The dog groomer hasn’t been able to come, so the doggos’ fur is getting quite long. Havanese fur is more like hair and just keeps growing. The wife bought a huge pack of little bows so we can get the fur out of their eyes. Adorable.

I got an espresso machine this week and am loving it. The coffee is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. It might spoil coffee shops for me when we’re allowed to go again. Don’t worry Philz, you’re still good.

Listening to “plans” to re-open businesses is troublesome. I believe it’s going to put a lot of people in unnecessary danger … like my father who feels like he’s invincible anyway. I want to get back out there and travel and shop as much as anybody, but when I see 75,000 Americans have died so far and the numbers are still growing (we have NOT flattened the curve) … I wonder if that’s the right decision.

My wife reminded me that opening businesses isn’t about being safe. It’s 1) about the economy, and 2) hospitals are at a point in which they have more capacity now. Remember that when you’re out getting your hair cut … the government knows that there’s a bed for you in the hospital and THAT’S why they opened the stores.

I’m not feeling very humorous right now. I’m generally a pretty fun and easy-going guy. But not right now. So yeah, sorry I don’t have anything lighthearted to share. Scroll back up and look at my dog … maybe that will help.

Stay home. Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Stay safe.