COVID-19 Diary – week 7

Random things I’ve thought about or learned while stuck in the house, social distancing, and trying to do my part to keep all of us healthy.

This social distancing thing isn’t helping my puppy socialize. She barks at everything. People. Squirrels. Birds. Grass. Pollen…

Speaking of social distancing, there were two separate parties happening in the neighborhood at houses with college student renters. WTF?!

Speaking of pollen, I’m so over oak pollen. Those little strands are EVERYWHERE this year. The rain helps a little, but then we just get huge clumps of wet, mucky oak pollen everywhere. Have you ever tried to pull a strand of oak pollen out of a Havanese’s fur? Not easy.

Speaking of the rain, it can stop please. We’ve had one nice day all week. BARGLE!

I bought another fountain pen. What is wrong with me? Is this what I have become? I’m actually journaling every day and using pens and notebooks … but am I going to be one of those people with a special felt-lined pen case and shelf with an ink display rack? Speaking of which, does anybody know a good site that isn’t Amazon to buy a felt-lined pen case?

I did use those pens to send a bunch of postcards to family this week though. So it’s not a complete waste. *wink*

I realized that I’ve become a “dog person”. These fricking Havanese have wormed their way into my heart … like heartworms. They’re so amazing though. Better than our jerk cat … whom I still love, just differently (jerk).

Izzy enjoying a “walk” through Four Mile Run in our puppy backpack

I upgraded my Animal Crossing New Horizons house to the maximum size this week (thanks to earning serious BELLS selling turnips). Now to focus on decorating and finding the right recipes.

I was starting to get into Just Cause 4 on Xbox and then they removed it from their Game Pass. So that sucked.

It was a busy week at work, but I handled my work load better and took well-needed breaks.

I’ve not stayed off social media very well this week. But I have done pretty well in NOT engaging posts that are designed to invoke anger or frustration. I’m trying to stick to liking photos and personal posts from people while just reading and/or scrolling past the political stuff.

Another week of this in the books. I’m willing to keep doing this in order to lessen the number of cases in our country. It’s ridiculous that we have 4% of the population of the world, but we have almost 33% of the cases. I can’t imagine how bad it must be for people to feel the need to protest going back to normal. Nothing is normal right now and won’t be for a while. We all need to try to find a way to cope and deal with the new reality.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay healthy. Social distance and wash those hands! We can get through this.