COVID-19 Diary – week 5

More stream-of-conscious crap flowing from my brain about this stupid situation we’re in.

Can you tell things are starting to wear on me? I’m okay for the most part, but not being able to go to stores or restaurants really hit me hard this weekend.

I made myself feel a little better by reminiscing about the trips I’d taken last year … like Denver, London, and Paris.

I dialed back my social media use even more this week. I’m down to no more than twice per day, usually only once per day. I’ve stopped engaging in any politically charged posts and try to focus on my friends’ photos and other status updates.

Not watching the news is key here people.

When I finally did turn on the news, I got frustrated with the stories about the people protesting to re-open businesses. Like we’re isolating and keeping stores and restaurants closed for the hell of it. We all want this madness to end … but the only tool we have right now is not allowing it to spread any more than it has. I know, I know, how dare we think of health above profits and convenience!

My favorite idiot was the one with the “I really need a haircut” sign. **sigh**

Work got stupid busy last week because of contract stuff. Not only do I have my normal workload to do, but am running around like crazy updating a technical proposal.

I finished reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” this week and am inspired to make some changes. I’m doing some deep thinking, and then need to go back and re-read a few sections … but I want some of the stuff he writes about.

I learned how to make a couple new cocktails this week. Nothing fancy, but I setup my bar in and tried a few of the recipes they suggested.

Here’s a picture I took this week that brightened my day.

I’m going to focus on my routines this week. I need to update my morning routine to help get me going in the morning. And I need to work on my evening routine to help me get to bed at a reasonable hour and not treat this like a vacation.

I hope you’re all well and faring a little better than I am mentally. Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay home!