COVID-19 Diary – week 3

Still isolating. Still healthy. Still thinking random thoughts.

Still thankful for the situation we’re in. Very little disruption in our lives in general.

Still thankful for purchasing a Peloton last year. The exercise outlet has been very helpful

I love seeing stories from lots of people I know getting dogs or puppies. You’re home for a while, why not?! Spread the love.

I can’t believe I didn’t dig deeper into the Disney+ app sooner. Did you realize how many great, old movies they have? They have Willow fercryingoutloud … and The Love Bug … and The Apple Dumpling Gang! You’ll find me camped in front of my TV for the next week.

We put away the latest puzzle. We tried, but just couldn’t get into it. We did a couple over the past few weeks. Apparently we hit our wall. Maybe time for a board game or two?

Here’s a tip for all those new to being at home for extended periods … have a routine. Go to bed like normal, get up like normal, work out or go for a walk, do your regular stuff at the same time each day. Dress, shower, take care of yourselves. It helps, trust me.

Limiting social media has been so helpful! I catch up once (maybe twice) per day on my notifications and then just scroll for a few minutes. It’s almost always the same type of stuff and I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

While digging through my digital photos last week I found one of my old avatars I’d created in Photoshop. I’m trying to use it again everywhere because I forgot how much I liked it.

I’ve been working on my “productivity system” again. These past few weeks have given me a chance to focus on writing in my journal every morning. I’m utilizing my Baron Fig notebook for both my journal and my “bullet journal” (weekly and daily task lists). Note: that referral link gives you and me $10 off.

The wife and I are already planning things we’ll do, business we’ll support, and places we’ll go when this situation ends.

I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe (and smart). Wash your hands. Support your local businesses. We can get through this.