COVID-19 Diary – week 2

More random thoughts I’ve been thinking during my second full week of self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing, or whatever. Flatten that curve, baby. Stay home, stay healthy, don’t spread the disease!

I’m constantly reminded how much my own personal life hasn’t really changed while the entire world seems to be changing immensely around me. I already worked from home a majority of the time. I already liked to be a home body and spend my evenings watching TV and playing video games. This whole situation has probably had the smallest impact on me other than seeing my wife and kids every day, all day.

I finally got to start my character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I will never be able to dedicate the time my daughter does … mostly because we only have one Nintendo Switch.

I probably like potato chips a little too much.

Facebook (and Twitter) are poison. I’m avoiding them as much as possible. No more than two visits per day (only one is better), and no longer than 10 minutes (mostly to just check notifications).

Scratch that thought about potato chips. There’s no such thing. *grabs bag of chips*

I’m trying to (finally) tackle some projects around the house. I re-wired my desk to clean it up a bit. I’m going through digital pictures to clean up the storage there a bit. I’m finishing taxes and avoiding paying the government until the new deadline. Don’t worry, I’m also playing plenty of video games (see entry re: Animal Crossing)

While sifting through the digital photos, I came across one of my favorite pics of my daughter reaching out to comfort my son as we drove across the country from California to DC. It was the last kind act either of them ever did for each other again (kidding).

Did I mention I’m really glad we purchased a Peloton late last year? It’s been amazing to be able to just jump on the bike and get a workout in. It’s also hard NOT to work out when the bike is right there … and there are so many options available (bike, strength, yoga, etc.). If I can’t take at least 15 minutes to myself, then something is wrong.

My wife and daughter are starting to grate on each other.

The movie theater (locally owned) that my son works at made the Variety website with their creative solution. They’re selling curbside concessions. Call their number and $3 cash gets you a large popcorn. The owner is able to keep some of his staff employed this way. We bought two tubs for movie night at home. It was awesome!

Support your local businesses however you can. Wash your hands, keep your distance, and stay safe.