COVID-19 Diary – week 1

Just some random thoughts I’ve been thinking during my first full week of self-isolation … quarantine … social distancing … or whatever. I’m just trying to flatten the curve, stay healthy, and keep others healthy too.

I’m very grateful for our first responders, teachers, police, and firefighters for the service they do for our community and each of us every day. I’m also very grateful for the grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, and restaurant workers who are still going into work so that I can maintain a relatively normal life during the social distancing and home time.

I’m so tired of Facebook and Twitter already. It’s a hunt to find the meaningful stuff amidst all the anger and confusion. More like “social media distancing”, amiright?

I’m so lucky to have a relatively unchanged lifestyle. I already teleworked three days per week, so it’s not much different to do it full-time. Our work culture is already prepared for this and we’ve lost very little productive time to the change.

It’s been nice having my family around. I’m glad we’re all safe and sound. I’m sorry my wife and daughter’s school years will be different, but it’s a small thing and they’re taking it in stride.

We’ve been doing our best to support small and local businesses. We’ve ordered out a couple times and purchased some books and notebooks online. Hopefully helping keep them viable and a little shopping therapy doesn’t hurt either.

My puppies really make me smile. I just love watching them play together. It doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable.

I don’t know how long this will last. I don’t know how we’ll fare as a country … or even a race. I know we’ll make it through, like we’ve done for millions of years. I hope we leave the hate behind and learn to work together. I’m curious what this will mean for the future of our education system, grocery stores (and supply chains), money systems, etc. I really hope we take a good, hard look at how we treat those less fortunate than ourselves. And I hope we take a look at some of the stupid, arbitrary laws we currently have and get rid of them.

Purchasing a Peloton back in November was a really good idea.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and keep your distance from others!