Saving My Sanity

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Part of my morning routine, besides putting away dishes, starting coffee, making breakfast, and getting lunches together, is sitting down with my cup of coffee and reading through the news of the past 24 hours. I try not to stay online all day anymore because there’s no need. Breaking news will find me if it needs to and the constant refresh on what’s going on just wasn’t healthy for my psyche.

For some reason the news felt especially shallow, gloomy, and bleak today. Between learning how much Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts earn, the CIA bomb with swords instead of explosives, and the trade war with China, I just felt the pangs of darkness tugging at my soul. I think I even said “good grief” out loud, channeling my inner Charlie Brown. *I got a rock*

Then I remembered that I’m going to see a high school production of Mary Poppins tonight. My youngest graduates from high school next month and he stopped doing theater last year. But I’ve watched many of the kids in the production grow as people and artists. My spirit was rejuvenated at the thought of watching the work of close to 100 growing, thriving humans working together as a unit to create art.

So when you look at the world and think “good grief”, take a step back, regroup, and remember that most of that shit just doesn’t apply to you. Focus on the important things to *YOU*.