Busy week of work. We’re re-focusing on some of the basics and trying to get everybody on board with some of the changes happening around the office. I love the direction we’re going and I see our team being very successful in the future, but we’ve got a lot of foundational stuff to complete first.

This weekend the wife and I took a quick trip to Oregon for the memorial of our dear friend who died last year. We had a free day we spent in Portland going to Washington Park, the Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Tea Garden, Powell’s Books, and plenty of food along the way. Then a day in Eugene with friends and family to celebrate our friend’s life. It was a beautiful service followed by a reception with lots of great stories. Then we followed her family home and spent a few more hours just visiting and reminiscing. We got back home Sunday evening, so it’s going to be a rough day of work on Monday.

I managed to finish all my homework for the week by Wednesday because I knew we were going to be out of town. The five hour flights and not having homework gave me time to finish two books this week.

Special thanks to the wife for sharing some of her photos this week!