My Mostly Magnificent Miscellany 004

OK, this is my fourth attempt at sharing some of the content I digest regularly. Hopefully somebody finds something interesting in here. But I think I need to find a new name for this feature. Any ideas? Share them in the comments.

What I’m Listening To

I don’t know what it is about this song, but I could put it on repeat and not get tired of it. I wasn’t particularly fond of the movie. Don’t get me wrong, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did great. The music was great. The story was fine. It was just a “meh” experience for me. But this song? Perfecto.

What I Find Hopeful

This story about an anti-body that was discovered that appears to work against all COVID variants. This would be huge news in the production of vaccines. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

What I Find Frustrating

Politics. Between uplifting stories about traitors and insurrectionists being removed from office (and not being able to hold public office again), the frustrating story of the Republican Chair of a Georgia county helping tamper with voting machines, and the infuriating drama that keeps unfolding with the Mar-A-Lago classified documents (where are the chants to “lock him up”?!) … I’m just done. The only thing these two political parties do is grab power away from the other side. We, the people, are completely an afterthought. I really hope this new Forward Party turns out to be something real. Our country needs it.

What Made Me Laugh

These drones made to look like people flying. Can you imagine looking up and seeing a “person” zipping across the sky?

What I Find Sad and Heartwarming

I’m not usually very emotional about celebrities passing away. It’s sad sure, but I don’t know them other than their body of work. But when Taylor Hawkins (drummer for the Foo Fighters) passed away back in March, it hit me for some reason. He was so young and seemed like a really decent person and family man. There was a Taylor Hawkins tribute concert this past weekend and Taylor’s 16 year old son played drums on the song “My Hero” with the rest of the band. It was beautiful, very touching, and sad. But that kid is very talented. Definitely worth the watch.

What I’m Doing

Trying to get back into “bullet journaling“. I say get back into but I’ve really been using a notebook for years. I just haven’t been consistent, and haven’t had a good “system” for a while. I get too scattered with some tasks in my notebook, some in emails, some in my to-do app, some in my work inbox, some in our project management tool at work. I’m just … scattered. So I’ve re-read the Bullet Journal book and am slowly making this a habit again. I’m trying to make one source of truth in my notebook and the rest of the stuff is just information. We’ll see how I do! Wish me luck.

Where I Want To Go

Bastei, near the River Elbe in the Saxon Switzerland National Park in German. I mean, just look at this.

What Video I Enjoyed

This video about how stop signs are rarely necessary was interesting to watch. I think it would take a LOOOONG time to implement many of these measures in the U.S. But it might still be worthwhile to try. At any rate, the whole video series by this channel is interesting to watch.

This post has been day 99 of #100DaysToOffload

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  1. Several comments: 1. I like this format and don’t have another suggestion for where you could share these posts. Please, though…not FB. 2. Agree about listening to that song on repeat. It’s good. And I never saw the movie. Not much of a movie (or TV) person. 3. The drones CRACKED. ME. UP. 4. Taylor Hawkins son MADE. ME. CRY. 5. Need to watch the 6 minute video on stop signs a bit later. Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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