The son and I went to see Rogue One at the IMAX theater in Tyson’s Corner. It was re-released for an anniversary and it was amazing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that Star Wars movie. And on IMAX? *makes kissy finger gesture* Perfecto.

I went to lunch with my friends. We hit up our old favorite, El Fresco. I’ve known these guys for ages, worked with both of them for years at our old company and one of them currently. There’s a whole crew of us that used to have lunch fairly regularly … we need to get that going again. Anyway, it was good to hang out again and have tasty Mexican food.

The wife and I spent Friday night in DC so we could get to the National Book Festival early. Our hotel was across the street from the convention center, so it worked out very well. We got to see Nick Offerman talk about his most recent book. We watched an interview with Ruby Bridges about her new book about integrating an elementary school in 1960. We saw a scene from a classic crime novel written in the Harlem renaissance by a black author with black characters. We wandered through the convention center floor looking at all the displays. We bought some books at the Politics and Prose store. We just had a kickass time. Thank goodness the book festival was back in person!

The wife and I took the dogs for a long walk around a local lake this morning. Then picked up coffee and bagels. I finished my homework for the week and now have some time to relax as well as all day Labor Day to chill. Yay!

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