It was a week. Lots of work, lots of homework. Only one full week left of hell class and then the hell final. It’s going to be a busy week this week making sure I’ve got everything turned in and then study study study on the weekend for the final.

Our team finally moved into our “final” offices though. I’ve been bouncing between facilities and working on a conference room table for over a year. Feels good to start cementing our team’s place.

I also finally got my car back after a tree branch fell on it back in March. Almost two months I’ve been without it while they waited for parts. I had a rental for about two weeks, but then the insurance money for a rental ran out. So the wife and I carpooled. It worked fine, but it was a change.

Saturday, to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, we visited a bunch of bookstores in NoVa. From Alexandria to Leesburg. We got coffee and biscuits in the morning, had sandwiches for lunch, and just had a grand old time. A much needed break from homework. But then back to the grind on Sunday.

This post has been day 68 of #100DaysToOffload


  1. SO so sorry, Pip; but you’re only a week away. You’ve made it this far, and you should be very very proud of yourself. We are extremely proud of you for not giving up. Have you heard anything about the next class? Love you and miss all of you very much. Hoping the airlines reinstate the mask mandate so I can visit.

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