This week had its ups and downs.

On the bright side, Spring is coming! The temps keep bouncing up and down, but the plants are trying their best. There’s also a new Crumbl cookies near my office. That will be dangerous, but convenient. We managed to get a lot of our chores and errands done on Saturday. Seems like our lists have been piling, so it was nice to tackle a bunch of things.

On the flip side, my Algorithms class started this week. The professor stated that the expectation is 16-20 hours worth of work every week for the class. Which would be fine if I wasn’t a full-time worker taking an online degree course designed for full-time workers. It’s also VERY Java programming intensive. I haven’t programmed anything in over six years and haven’t touched Java in more than 20 years. So I put in at least 20 hours this week and still didn’t manage to finish this week’s assignments.

We also had a leg fall off our dining room hutch. Fortunately it was balanced enough that it didn’t fall. But it turns out we have woodworms eating it. Hopefully not too late to salvage it, but it doesn’t look good.

This post has been day 61 of #100DaysToOffload


    • Funny story: the wife hid the creepy doll in the son’s room. He only found it because he heard something jingling/clinking (he said like change in a pocket). He went to look and found this hiding for him. Creeeeeeepy.

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