Pet Peeves: Gas Station edition

A couple pet peeves I didn’t realize I had reared their ugly heads this morning in the Costco gas line.

  1. People who get back in their car after starting the pump. I know the chances of static electricity sparking the fumes at the pump are low … but there’s still a chance. I get it, it’s cold out. But it takes less than two minutes to fill your tank. Tap your car to clear static before you grab the pump handle, and stay with the handle while you fill it.
  2. When the tandem pumps are “out of order”. The “back” pump finishes filling before the “front” pump and they pull out an around in a tight/busy lane in order to get out. It takes less than two minutes to fill a tank. You can’t just wait for the person in front of you to finish?

This morning, all but two lanes were “out of sync” so it was a constant chaos of cars pulling around other cars and almost hitting each other in the “middle” area of the pumps. Crazy.

I was forced to do this too because the lady in front of me was stopped at the “back” pump and having a difficult time getting the pump to work or something. The person in front of her had finished pumping when she finally got hers going. Then she got in the car to get on her phone.

I pulled around her and started filling my tank. Her pump automatically stopped when I was about halfway done. She was too involved in her phone to realize it had stopped. I finished filling my pump. No movement from her. I drove out of Costco and around to the light, waiting to turn left. No movement from her. So into whatever was going on in the digital world, she was causing issues in the physical world.


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