America, land of the free

America. “Give [us] your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Written on the Statue of Liberty. I *idea* of America is that it’s a land of opportunity. Anybody from anywhere in the world can come here for a chance at a better life.

I’ve been following the Afghanistan news and know that our area (greater DC) is trying to accommodate as many refugees as possible; mostly people and families who helped our troops. I am compassionate to their plight. I can’t imagine my country being taken over by a regime that I feel might kill me or my family. I can’t imagine life being so bad that I *had* to leave my home country.

Then I read this post on Facebook. A post by InsideNoVa magazine about one family and their journey into the local school system. The comments … they’re gross. “Make sure you teach the American kids first.” “Unvaccinated.” “Biden … [is] good at the expense of working tax-paying Americans.”

Sure, there are some positive comments too. But it’s so sad that our leaders and political parties have worked so hard to divide us that we can’t show compassion to fellow humans who need help.

Day 38 of #100DaysToOffload

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  1. Thank you, Pip. It’s truly sad and scary and disgusting that we have so many people in this country with no compassion.

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