Backing In

Why to people back in to a parking spot?

I’m not talking about a spot in which you’re required to back in or folks backing in because they’re loading/unloading something. I mean the people that habitually back into a spot no matter the parking lot.

The way I see it:

  • It takes longer to park and I always seem to get stuck waiting for somebody to “thread the needle” into a tiny spot
    • Yes, I understand it’s easier to leave or get out in an emergency, but …
  • I’ve almost been hit several times because somebody pulls straight out of a spot as I approach, without looking
    • note: there are no warning lights on the front of a car like there are for reverse lights on the back of the car
  • It seems like it would be more difficult to load the trunk or back of the SUV when it’s not as accessible (either against a wall or another car)

So, I guess I just don’t see the benefit. Is there one? Help me understand!

Day 30 of #100DaysToOffload

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  1. I have always wondered that. It’s never made sense to me.

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