Brood X

Theyyyyy’re heeeeere …

Last night was a busy night for the little cicada grubs in my neighborhood. They’ve been emerging for over a week now. But last night, as I walked the dogs, I could see them slowly crawling all over the sidewalks looking for a tree or lamppost to crawl up before completing their final transformation to adulthood.

I expect to start hearing them soon. As much as I don’t like the little buggy bodies, I do enjoy the buggy sounds.

Either way, I only have to deal with them for a couple more weeks. And then it’s another 17 years before I see them again.

Day 17 of #100DaysToOffload

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  1. So you only have a few more weeks to make Cicada Rolls (similar to California Rolls but with Cicadas–I saw Briana Kieler make and eat one on CNN).

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