2020 Annual Axiom

I’ve never been a big resolutions person. I’d set them (sometimes), but wouldn’t really fully commit to them. Then I read about “My Three Words” from Mike Vardy at the Productivityist. This is a concept in which you define three guiding words for your year. These words help you decide what you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to be, etc. Since Vardy had heard about this system from somebody else, he switched it up for his new book (coming this year!) to an “Annual Axiom“. Similar idea, but more of a personal motto for the year.

This year I kind of did both. I almost immediately landed on Focus On Me as my annual axiom / three words. It wasn’t a difficult decision honestly. I’ve been dabbling in personal improvement and personal productivity for a long time without really committing myself to anything big. I’m committing to personal health, losing some weight, and being generally happier with myself. I’m going to make strides on my professional growth and steer myself in a direction I want to go. All in all, I’m going to make it a “me” year.

The past two years I created a wallpaper for my computer to remind me of the three words. This year I created a new one with my axiom (with a photo from Unsplash and some editing on Pixlr):

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