A week off of social media certainly helped make me feel better. I took the time to focus on getting some things done on my to-do list, take care of “me”, and decide how to proceed.

Social Media is too important to quit completely. I keep tabs with too many friends’ lives to not check in. But, I discovered I need to temper my consumption. I’m going to cut back on time and visits to Facebook and Twitter. I’m going to prune my “friend” lists of the fat and unfollow things I don’t need to follow. I’m going to utilize the “show me less of this” features available. And, I’m just going to be more mindful about using these sites. No more mindlessly opening the apps/sites, dammit!

Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. At any rate, it looks like you’ll all have to still deal with me … #sorrynotsorry.