TV recommendation: The Rehearsal

Look, I don’t know how to explain this show. In fact, I think it defies explanation. But I am telling you that you NEED to watch it.

The Verge sums it up like this, “[T]he basic premise of The Rehearsal is that it’s a comedic documentary series designed to help ordinary people tackle difficult moments in their life by giving them an opportunity to rehearse it beforehand. But the show approaches this simple premise with a budget and attention to detail that can make the scope of each rehearsal feel dizzying, and the show as a whole becomes increasingly self-aware as the series progresses.”

It’s so … strange. It sounds pretty straight-forward, but it gets so deep. You’ll think you’ve got the gist after the first episode. But listen, you HAVE to watch the whole series. It gets deeper, and deeper, and stranger, and more outrageous. You’ll laugh. You’ll scratch your head. You’ll cringe at the awkwardness. But you’ll have a really enjoyable time.

And, it’s been greenlighted for a season 2; which is huge for HBO right now as they make massive cuts to underperforming shows. That should speak volumes too. Why are you still reading this? Go watch it!