My Mostly Magnificent Miscellany 006


Pepsi has a contest in which winners can win a limited edition S’mores pack of Pepsi. Not a pack of Pepsi to bring to a S’mores night by the campfire. But actual flavored drinks designed to simulate the taste of a S’mores … I guess. Anyway, if you want to enter the contest, you’re already too late because it ended earlier this week. I guess you’ll just have to settle for a real S’mores.

S’mores Pepsi … WTF?

Queen Elizabeth II passed away earlier this month. That’s not the humorous part, but her son is the new monarch in the UK, King Charles III. He’s apparently been a little controversial where the monarchy is still celebrated. This list of reactions to his crowning is proof of that.


I know the future of automobiles is electric. But there’s nothing like the lines and style of a classic car. My new found love is when they electrify an old car; like this video of converting a classic VW Beetle or this insane speed test of a converted Mini Cooper. Time to find an old Karmann Ghia I can turn into a project. *wink*

I loved watching this artist paint characters from book based solely on descriptions of the character. Then they reveal the character and you can compare his drawing to the film/book character.

This video (and conversation thread) on Reddit from a tribe of Maasai warriors who have created a social media account. The video is interesting to watch a day in the life of the warriors. The thread is fascinating to read the questions people have and the responses from the warriors. I love the question(s) about how technology has affected the tribe.

This list of 50 interesting places on Earth. Even though I’m not sure why they’re all abandoned.


Gerry Rafferty “Right Down The Line”. This song popped up in one of my mixes and on Sirius XM recently. So it felt fitting to feature it here.


Humorist Andy Borowitz has a new book about the dumbing down of American politicians. Fellow author Walter Isaacson interviewed Borowitz on PBS to discuss the book. I’ve added the book to my shopping list.

Apparently, Dr. Oz (well-known snake-oil salesman) is running for senate in Pennsylvania. The controversy is that he’s not from Pennsylvania … which doesn’t sit well with a lot of locals there. This has led to some campaign gaffes that has inadvertently been providing support to his opponent.

My current Governor has been very “pro parent”. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, his version of “pro parent” seems to be “pro only one way to parent” and “pro parent at the expense of children and everybody else” … which isn’t great. His latest venture into protecting parental rights attempts to block discussion of anything trans in schools, not allow children to use different pronouns without their parents’ consent, and not allow the schools to call children anything other than their legal name without parents’ consent. So … yikes. I personally hope this gets shot down.