Not a whole lot happened this week. Work, homework, and lots of coughing (allergies or COVID remnants or a combo). My boss came out to our area this week, so we had a team lunch and a good strategy meeting for the team with one of the VPs. Otherwise, not much during the week.

The real fun started on Friday. The wife won a ticket to see Elton John perform at the White House. She got to see Sir Elton John, President and Doctor Biden, and tons of other celebrities/politicians. Besides all those VIPs, they also filled the crowd with teachers and first responders. So cool! I drove her in, dropped her off, then hung out at a little coffee shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood to read and work on my notebook. Jealous of her being able to go, but she totally deserves good things like that.

The rest of the weekend was mostly relaxing. Some chores and errands, some walks with the dogs, some book shopping, some video gaming, some reading.