I had my second aggravating trip to the DMV this week. I bought my car at the end of the lease. The leasing company didn’t add the new loan company to the title. So I have to go through that rigamarole. The first trip I was missing a document, according to the DMV worker. The second trip I was missing a different document, according to the DMV worker. I asked for a list of all the documents I may need so I can actually complete the process on my THIRD, NEXT, FINAL trip to the DMV. #anger

I also had my annual physical this week. Overall the trip wasn’t bad. I’m in decent shape for almost half a century of time on this planet. I need to lose some weight, for sure. But the biggest issue is my blood pressure. I noticed it was high earlier this year. I took a trip to the doctor to discuss and tried to take a few steps to get it under control myself. I failed (it’s been a rough year+). So fast forward to this week’s visit and I’m now on a low dose of blood pressure medicine. I’m re-dedicated to losing some weight and we’ll try to get off the meds.

In better news, we went apple picking this weekend. We got three bags of apples, two butternut squash, and three pumpkins as well as some apple cider and apple cider donuts. It was great weather and not super crowded. Then we stopped in Middleburg for lunch on the way home. They were having their Oktoberfest, but we were hot and tired so we skipped it. Quite a lovely day with the family.

The wife and I also went for a walk with the dogs through Occoquan Regional Park this weekend. It was hot in the sun, but perfect in the shade and down by the river. After the park we went across the river to historic Occoquan and picked up some breakfast sandwiches and ate in their riverside park. Just a wonderful day with the wife and dogs!

I also had homework and a quiz in my Cybersecurity and Identity Management classes, blah blah blah. But nobody wants to hear about that.