Back To (Semi) Normal

I had my first negative COVID test last week, twelve days after my first positive test. I was laid up for almost a whole week, then worked from home the second week because I would tire easily. I’m now on my third week after getting COVID and starting to feel somewhat normal. I’m back in the office and can make it through the day alright, but then am pretty exhausted when I get home.

I have been having pretty bad back pains the past few days, but I’m fairly certain that’s because I’ve been sleeping in our guest room for the past three weeks (I’m still pretty stuffy and snore-y at night). And the mattress on that bed is fine for a couple nights, but doesn’t have a whole lot of support.

I tell you what though, I’m ready to just feel “normal” again. This has been nuts.

This post has been day 97 of #100DaysToOffload