I still tested positive all week for COVID. Fever was gone, but my head was (is) still stuffy. I also discovered that I tire very quickly. I worked from home Monday and Tuesday and went into the office on Wednesday. I was exhausted by lunch time and left early. I worked from home on Thursday and had Friday off already scheduled. So, I’ll try again this week to see how I do in the office. I went to an urgent care on Friday to get a rapid test and that one came back negative. *phew*

Fall semester started for my master’s degree too. I finished the core classes for the program last year and am finally starting on classes for my concentration (aka classes I’m interested in taking). This semester is Identity Management and Cybersecurity.

This weekend the wife and I went to Del Ray in Alexandria for breakfast and the farmer’s market. We also took the dogs to Woody’s in downtown Fairfax for ice cream (yes, the dogs shared a pup cup).

We’ve been having random yellow jackets show up in the basement. I’ve sprayed outside, but then a few days later we see a couple more appear. My next step is to put a couple traps up if they return again. Unfortunately for our cat, he got a little too curious and one of them stung him on his nose. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

This post has been day 96 of #100DaysToOffload