Well, I did it. I went and got COVID. Two years of dodging the bullet, all while working in a facility with high incidents of COVID. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

So yeah, my week was spent living in our extra room / office; isolating from the rest of the family. Thursday my symptoms finally started getting better, so I had three days of fever, aches, severe congestion, and headaches. Fun. It never got so bad we needed to go to the hospital or call a doctor. I was able to breathe just fine and my fever peaked at 102 … most of the time it hovered around 100 and responded well to meds.

The wife and kids were amazing. They took excellent care of me. The wife deserves a fricking medal too, since this was her first week back in school (the students start this coming week). She had long days and late nights in her classroom and THEN had to come home to take care of minutiae around here that needed to be done. All just days after her birthday. She’s amazing, but I’ve certainly got to do something to give her a break and let her know how much I appreciate her.

My dog was very worried about me too. She knew I was home but didn’t understand why she couldn’t come see me. When she was finally able to come hang with me, she wouldn’t leave my side and she just stared at me. She’s such a sweetie.

Anyway, other than feeling like I was shot through an orchard and hit every tree, it’s been a pretty boring week for me. I did manage to watch a BUNCH of TV shows and movies as well as finish a book. So there’s that.

This post has been day 94 of #100DaysToOffload