Still a bit of rearranging happening around the house. We moved the office to the room where the library was (the extra bedroom). We bought a new daybed for the extra room and a TV stand that fits in the living room a bit better. Now we just need the couch to come (next month). Yay!

Busy week of school and work. Our data visualization project is winding down, so I had a lot to learn in Tableau to pull all my data together nicely. Work has been a lot of meetings and more things being added to the “to do” list than coming off. This coming week looks like it might be light on meetings … for now. **knock on wood**

We went to Annapolis on Friday to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. Just a fun little trip to walk the town, do some shopping, and enjoy some “travel”.

This post has been day 54 of #100DaysToOffload