Starting to get a grasp on my task list at work. But it feels like for every one thing I cross off, three things get added.

Light week of schoolwork though, fortunately. Unfortunately, that just means the professor has more stuff due next week than normal.

Clean bill of health from the dentist. Not bad for not having gone for a cleaning in almost two years.

Finished two books this week. “47 Ronin” graphic novel by Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai, and my third re-read of “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.

The wife and I went couch shopping in DC today at Joybird. After La-Z-Boy never completed our couch and finally returned our 50% deposit eleven months later, we finally found an alternative couch we want. It’ll take about six weeks to complete and ship. So we have that long to do the rearranging and changes we’re planning. More on that to come …

Check out the photos below for two strange shipping stories. The first was a pair of stickers I ordered from Redbubble. The first one came misprinted. I contacted them and they promptly reprinted and shipped it out to me … but it was misprinted EXACTLY the same as the first. The third one is on its way, so we’ll see. The other story is a pair of black sneakers I ordered from Kohls. A pair of blue sneakers arrived. I ordered another pair of black shoes on their website (noting that blue wasn’t even an available option) and the second pair was ALSO blue! So they’ve both been returned and I’m just not going to own that pair of black sneakers.

We had to put my daughter’s 14yo pug to sleep this week. She broke a leg and apparently had such bad osteoporosis that even surgery wouldn’t have helped. The doctor said she was unlikely to survive a procedure in her condition anyway. Yet another devastating loss in our household. The house won’t be the same without her smelly little face.

Finally, you’ll see my Google Map places of 2021. It’s clear we drove to California and back, then flew to Oregon, then drove to Colorado and back, isn’t it? It was a busy year.

This post has been day 51 of #100DaysToOffload