I did a thing …

I’d been thinking about getting another tattoo for a couple years now, but could never decide on what I wanted.

I followed several local tattoo artists on Instagram whose styles I liked. After several months of casually seeing their tattoos, I decided my favorites were the “Americana” or “Traditional” style. Bold lines and colors are the key characteristics of this style.

A short while later I decided I wanted a bear. Not only are they the symbol for California (my home state), but they’re adaptable creatures (as I strive to be). I had a few ideas, but wasn’t sure what type of bear I really wanted.

A couple months ago I made an appointment with Troy Brett at Rick’s Tattoo in Arlington, VA (he books up several months in advance). His photos on Instagram consistently were my favorite and had the style and colors I liked. I sent him links of some of my favorites of his and gave him a rough idea of what I was looking for. I guess I was hoping for some inspiration from the artist.

Today I showed up for my appointment and he had a drawing for me. The inspiration I was hoping for! It was completely unlike anything I would normally get, but I was somehow instantly drawn to it.

My wife was surprised by the design, as I knew she would be. I couldn’t tell her what I was getting because I didn’t know! Hopefully she likes it though (she says she does, but does she?) because she has to look at it. 😊

Heck, I’m surprised by the design. It’s about as far from what I had envisioned as possible, but I still love it. I feel like it represents the year of change that 2021 has been. Loss, new job, new responsibilities, going back to school … it’s been a dynamic year for sure.

This bear is roaring either to protect me from harm or to warn others of my fierceness. Either way, I’m glad to have it on my team.

Day 32 of #100DaysToOffload