Personal Growth

I’ve come to understand that I love to learn things. I used to think I was just sort of flaky. I would dive deep into something and devour learning about it, then I would sort of give it up and move onto something else. Turns out my brain gets to a point in which it understands how that topic works, or learns enough about that topic to be satisfied and then wants something else.

I’ve gotten better over time at not “hopping” so much. I’m better able to focus on what I want to learn vs. what I would just start picking up. I’m also better at diving deeper into a topic once I’ve learned the “gist” of it.

But this had me thinking that we’re all just works in progress, right? Hopefully nobody is ever completely satisfied with what they know, how they behave, etc. We should all be striving to always be better? There’s always room for improvement, IMHO.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

Day 22 of #100DaysToOffload