Training update

edit: I’m not sure why the photo upside-down. I even tried editing the photo to be upside-down before I uploaded and it was still wrong. /shrug

Still in the early stages of our half marathon training. Sundays are our “long run” days. We’re currently (only) at four miles. But, I can feel my fitness levels rising and I can see the numbers getting better.

We started the training process with intervals of two minute run, one minute walk. This week we decided to forego the intervals and just run; walking when we needed to. We stopped only five times for about a minute or two walk just to catch our breath or walk up a hill. This was our second “long run”; our first was also four miles, so we could definitely see improvement.

This week’s run was at Burke Lake and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Sunny and just a little bit chilly. We were early enough that there weren’t a ton of people to deal with too.

Added a stop at Chesapeake Bagels for breakfast afterwards just to top off the morning!

Day 6 of #100DaysToOffload

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