The ‘Rona HQ

I started a new job a few months ago in which I needed to actually go into an office. It was quite the culture shock after working from home for almost five years.

One of my biggest worries was obviously going back during a global pandemic. The company seemed to be handling things well by requiring masks, providing wipes and hand sanitizer, not allowing gatherings in the hallway, etc.

And for most of the company’s offices around the country, those measures were successful. Turns out my building is full of people who either don’t pay attention to the rules or just don’t care. Since starting there less than three months ago, we’ve had almost 50 cases in our building. In fact, about 20 of those cases happened just in the last two weeks.


Frustrating. I’ve been trying to offset my work hours a bit and work from home when possible. But my job requires me to be there most of the time. Regardless, I’m doing my best to stay safe. Fortunately I have understanding management who are doing what they can to help too.

I just need to keep it together for a couple months and some construction will be complete so we should have more room to spread out at the office.

Day 3 of #100DaysToOffload