The ‘Rona HQ Follow-up

To follow-up on yesterday’s post, my office-mate and I chatted and came up with a plan.

We approached our management with a proposal to make sure there was coverage in the office for our department while trying to minimize our time inside the virus-ridden building.

We laid out our proposal, pitched the pros, ensured them we would be responsible about it, and reiterated that coverage and day-to-day duties were priority … telework would not get in the way of that.

And they went for it. W00t.

Essentially I get an additional day per week to work from home and some flexibility in the schedule. My office-mate and I are grown up enough to manage our time and our responsibilities. And it’s really nice to know that management sees that and is flexible. So yay!

Day 4 of #100DaysToOffload