Puppy Poop

My puppy is a little over four months old. Meet Izzy:

The accused

She does this thing lately in which she needs to find the exact right spot to poop. She’ll spend ages sniffing around, then testing to see if that’s the right spot. She gets all hunched up, ready to go, then decides it’s not clearly not the right spot and starts the whole ritual all over again. She does this anywhere between 10 and a million times before she determines that she’s found the sacred spot that is destined to hold her poop (for five seconds before I swipe it up with a poop bag).

Woe is me if something distracts her, like another dog, a squirrel, a leaf, or (most likely) something imaginary. Because that means the whole process has to start all over again back at “one”. We spend at least 12 hours outside each day looking for a spot to poop … no exaggeration (maybe a little).

I’m assuming she’s either insane or actually trying to make me insane. But maybe … just maybe … she does it for a reason that I don’t understand yet. Maybe I should test all the toilets in the house to find just the right one …