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Funny story … after (heck, even before) my “digital detox” in April I was getting annoyed with the stuff I was seeing on Facebook and Twitter. Friends would post something and ask if I’d seen it … usually I hadn’t. Their stupid algorithms had walled me into a little universe of what they thought I wanted to see.

I decided to fire up Inoreader and updated my subscriptions and RSS feeds. i decided it was time to get news and updates the “old fashioned” way that I used to before Google killed their Reader product. Turns out I’m not alone …

The way I consumed information online radically changed on July 1, 2013. Before that date I was an avid Google Reader user. After July 1, I stopped being a Google Reader user because Google shut it down. For those of you who don’t remember Google Reader, it was an RSS feed aggregator. For those of […]

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