Weather Widget

I’ve been using a great little product called Notion lately. They have a limited free version, so I highly recommend you check it out. I loved the flexibility and potential so much that I paid for a year subscription.

I’ll chronicle more of my usage on this blog later. But I wanted to start small with a fun little feature I found to add to my “dashboard” page … a current weather widget! These steps will add a graphic to the page that will refresh/update every time you update the page.

I used Weather Underground’s embedded widgets coupled with Notion’s embed block. Follow these steps to add your own:

  1. Visit Weather Underground
  2. Search for your location at the top of the page
  3. On the detailed weather page for your location, click on the weather station link near the top:
  4. On the detailed weather station page, select the PWS Widgets tab at the top:
  5. Select the graphic you like most and copy the embed code listed below it:
  6. In a text editor of your choice, paste that embed code and then copy ONLY the img src code:
  7. Back in Notion, on the page you want to embed the graphic, create an embed block by typing “/embed” (no quotes):
    note: as soon as you type the / you will start to see block options
  8. Paste the text from the img src code into the field and click Embed Link
  9. Ta Da! You’ve got a weather widget available on your page …