Cybersecurity Advent – Day 24

Today’s Cybersecurity tip is: watch this video series

This is it, you’ve reached the final tip. Today’s tip is a pretty passive one and won’t require much effort on your part. I’m sharing a video series with you.

Varonis, a company specializing in insider threat software, published a series of videos dedicated to Internet Security Basics. It will take about an hour to watch all seven videos. If you don’t have that kind of time, watch them piecemeal or skip around to the stuff you want to learn more about.

Even better, share the link with friends and family that you know should be more cyber aware or security conscious. I mean … if you want to share the link to this series of tips I wouldn’t mind either. wink

Without further ado … sit back, relax, and learn:

Thanks for sticking with this and have a safe 2018!