Cybersecurity Advent – Day 21

Today’s Cybersecurity tip is: use common sense

We’ve spent a majority of the past few weeks reviewing technological tools to help keep you secure. But there’s a saying that goes “built something more idiot proof and they’ll build a better idiot.”

Not to call anybody names, but a modicum of common sense is involved in just about everything you do in life … including using a computer, mobile device, or the internet.

So, to recap some of the major points from earlier in this series, and to add a few more; here is a list of common sense tips to keep in mind while online:

  • Never give out personal information – except in very few circumstances
  • Be careful what details you post online – don’t share too much
  • Pay attention to your audience – who can see your post?
  • Use strong passwords – longer is better, password managers are better still
  • Use multi-factor authentication – whenever and wherever you can
  • Don’t click links or attachments – especially unsolicited links, but verify links are legitimate if you trust the source
  • Check your settings – don’t stick with the default settings for any online service; double-check them
  • Surf securely – don’t use public Wifi and always use a VPN

Bottom line is, think about what you’re doing. Does it feel right? Go with your gut.

See you tomorrow!