Cybersecurity Advent – Day 03

Today’s Cybersecurity tip is: review your computer’s privacy settings

It’s no secret that companies gather information about their customers. The problem is when we don’t pay attention and let them gather everything about us and our habits. While their service may be great, and their intentions innocent, if they’ve got that information then somebody with not-so-innocent intentions can get that information; you have no control over how well those companies protect your information.

While it is easier than ever before to gather private information about people, it’s also fairly easy to restrict that information (location, contacts, etc.). It might not be possible to restrict some information, depending on the device or application. In fact, restricting some information actually breaks the intended use of the application (imagine trying to use your Maps app without granting it location use … possible, but not as intended). Therefore, it’s worth taking 15 minutes or so to review your privacty settings to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of information you’re sharing.

Here’s how to do that on the more popular platforms:

Windows 10

  • Open Settings -> Privacy and there are several menus worth of information to review

Mac OS X High Sierra

  • Open Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy to review all your privacy settings

Android O

  • First you’ll want to check your Google privacy settings by visiting Settings -> Google -> Personal Info & Privacy or visiting in a browser while signed in with your Google account
  • Then you’ll want to check App settings by visiting Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> App permissions to review which apps have phone, camera, location, etc. permissions

iOS 11

  • Open Settings -> Privacy to review all your privacy settings

See you tomorrow!