Cybersecurity Advent Calendar

Starting on Friday, December 1, I’m going to post a series of security tips to help people learn to keep themselves safe on their computers, on their phones, and online.

While I’m using the “advent” aspect of a child’s advent calendar, these aren’t religious-based or meant to imply anything other than the use of a cute ploy to capture your interest and attention.

Security is no joke though and requires you to be active in the process. One doesn’t leave their front door or car door unlocked and hope everything will be fine; they actively lock their doors when they leave because they know that helps keep their belongings protected. Security relies on making it more difficult for our adversaries to compromise our systems; and each thing we do adds to the complexity it takes to get into our systems or get our information. Remember that there is always a way to gain access, but we have to make them not want to gain access. There is no single solution to online and computer security.

Finally, these tips aren’t anything new, they’re available all over the place. My aim is to consolidate a lot of these tips and guidelines into one place, make them easy to digest, and help people learn how to be safe. I don’t expect everybody to do everything. If one walks away just doing one or two new things to keep safe, then that helps.

Anyway, I hope everybody joins me for the next couple weeks and learns a thing or two along the way!

Note: I’ll update this post with links to the full series along the way.

The calendar: