Devoured by its own economic model

This is actually a great article over at SBNation which is more about economics than the NFL and Football.

TL;DR – NFL franchises have become experts at “squeezing every profitable dollar, and trimming every wasteful one from the budget” making their teams more of an investment property that can coast on TV revenues. They’re able to get others to pay for their stadiums too! They’re masters of putting in just enough effort to keep fans interested in their team without having to actually produce anything good.

I feel like I’m seeing that trend in a lot of industries lately. Rush to the top, edging out every other competitor along the way … then just coast along, sucking in the (almighty) profits.

And yet we, the consumers, continue to let them get away with it. “I’ve been an insert your team here fan my whole life … I can’t possibly support another team.” Or, “I’ve been using products by insert favorite company here forever.” And so on. Often times it’s just easier to purchase one product over another, or go to one restaurant chain instead of another. I dunno … there’s no real “solution” that I know of … I just thought it was a very astute article written about one subject that can be applied to others.