Well … maybe

Bottom line is that I want to blog again.

However, I need to find the right platform, venue, URL, etc. I’m trying out “Ghost” and don’t mind it. I need to play with it a bit more though. I used WordPress previously and didn’t have any issues, it just felt “stale” to me though. It didn’t help inspire me.

But then, should my blogging platform be the inspiration? That’s sad.

Nah, it’s not really. I just mostly enjoy setting up new systems, software, etc. and playing with it. So this not only gives me an opportunity to try that, but also an excuse to post something.

So yeah, Ghost and it’s hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for now. AWS is a whole ship I’ve never sailed before … so there’s a lot to learn there. My my my.

Ghost is pretty easy so far. I haven’t really played with markdown all that much, so I keep having to refer to the help. For instance, I see easily how to link to an image; but can I just post or upload an image? Not intuitive there. Time to play around some more!

UPDATE (8/16/17): I’ve ported over the handful of posts on Ghost to WordPress. My hope was that my host had an easy-to-install Softaculous script … but they didn’t. So for sake of time and effort, I’ve installed WordPress (for now).